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Tips for your Motorola Xoom

Quick Controls: The default browser offers a “quick controls” option that brings up menus on command and gives you more viewing area for Web pages. (If you have just one tab open.) To set this up, open the browser > Menu (upper right hand corner) > Settings > Labs > check the box next to Quick Controls. (Your browser will automatically restart.) Now you won’t see the controls at the the top. To access them, simply slide your finger or thumb from the black border onto the screen area. A half-moon of controls will appear under your finger and you can slide to a control and select it.

Quick application details: To see detailed information about a particular app, open the Apps area, then touch and hold the app’s icon. An Information icon will appear in the top right corner, right next to the trash can icon. Drag and drop the app onto the Information icon, and you’ll immediately see that app’s Application Info page, normally located deep within the Settings area. From here you can touch the app’s Clear Cache buttons and Clear Defaults button.

Copy-and-paste-and-search-and-share: The copy-and-paste function has some additional features that can make it easy to find more information. When you long-press any eligible text, you get a green highlight and two arrows you can drag to expand or contract your area of interest. Then, you can use the controls at the top of the page to find more instances of that text in the document, or search the Web for more. You can also use the Share command to move that information to a notepad, send it via Bluetooth or email, post it on Facebook or more.

Tab control: If you’re searching the Web and you find a link you want to explore later, you can always long press it and open it in a new tab, keeping your current tab open as well. But the default opens the new tab in front of the old one, forcing you to go back and finish what you were looking at. To change this browser behavior, go to Menu > Settings > Advanced and click the box marked Open in background.

Speed up typing in the browser: To get rid of lag, go to and touch the little “gear” icon in the upper right hand corner. Go into “Search settings” and scroll down to “Google Instant.” Select “Do not use Google Instant.”

Fast screen navigation: If you simply tap the edge of your home screen, it will change to the next home screen on that side except much faster than swiping it. Tap on the right and it flicks to the next right hand screen, and tap on the left and it flicks to the next left hand screen.

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