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Screenshots on your Mac!

The quickest way to take a screenshot is to use a keyboard shortcut.

There are two main ones:

Command-Shift-3 – Take a screenshot of the entire screen.
Command-Shift-4 – Allows you to click and drag around the area you want a shot of.

Each of these will save a file to the desktop named Picture 1.png, or a higher number if that file already exists.
Now there are a few extra things you can do. If you press Space after pressing Command-Shift-4, you will
notice that the cursor changes to a picture of a camera. You can now just click on a window, icon,
widget or almost any other interface element to take a screenshot of it. You can also add Control into
the keyboard shortcut to put the image in the clipboard instead of saving it to the desktop.

For example, pressing Command-Control-Shift-3 would allow you to then paste the image into another document.

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